Here's what people are saying about this wonderful practice . . .

"There is something so moving and spiritual in this practice.  And the relief from the chronic pain has proven this method to me.  I thought yoga would be a nice safe thing to do and really had no idea of the relief it would bring.  Ripples in a pond.~  Ann F.

"Yesterday afternoon and night I was feeling pretty great! Less reactive, less concerned, less hurried, less anxious. Less engaged in negativity. I believe I was walking taller. I may have been enjoying some fabulous sleep." ~  Amy H.

"What you are doing is so great and so important!  I love you :-) for it!  My early back pain has gone away and I sailed through the rest of the day with a big smile on my face.  Hope that you know how much we each appreciate you!" ~ Julie A.

"My daughter really loved the intro class today and was thrilled that her back pain was almost completely relieved -- and believe me that is saying a lot.  As I mentioned, she has been suffering chronic pain for several years." ~ Carole W.

"I wanted to let you know that I found my legs this past Saturday!! I was walking upstairs carrying laundry, when I realized that my back was relaxed, and just my legs were carrying me.
Words cannot describe the experience. What a revelation." ~ Sally W.

"This yoga has changed my life.  The recognition of the importance of releasing and supporting the spine has influenced everything I do." ~ Gail F.

"This is all so interesting and fascinating. I almost can't get enough of it. I must tell you how much better I am since about a year ago when I had the lower back and groin pain. The pain is completely gone and I also feel a great sense of inner peace. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you do for us." 
Kathy K.

"I attended Jody's introductory class out of desperation - I had nothing to lose after other pain management approaches had fallen short. Within a few weeks I began to realize that Svaroopa yoga was delivering far greater benefit than pain management. It's changing how I experience life." 
Everett H.

"This is a wonderful studio and a wonderful teacher.  I tell everyone who asks about yoga studios to check out ABY." ~ Katherine W.

"You have a calm, steady, and joyful nature which you transmit to the class.  It isn't just the asanas that result in the student's transformation by the end of the class.  Your presence -- your essence -- acts as the anchor to which we can moor our ships, allowing us to rest calmly in the ever-flowing energy of the universe. You accept each student where he/she is at the moment, seemingly without judgment."
~ Debra S.

"The Abs workshop was great. Not only did I locate my abs. I have felt really up since Saturday. I have been hungry like you said we would but also it is easier to feel full, not to overeat and food tastes great.
 I would love to do the workshop again." ~ Laura E.

"I felt very good this morning. I had no new pains or stress or  stiffness. Actually, my upper back and neck seemed 'more flexible' than normal and my hip area may have seemed some better! I am still smiling." ~ ctually''Bob W.

"I do a daily home practice and the one class a week and I have not had any chronic pain since I started in January.  It's a miracle, really.  Thank you!!" ~ Liz A.

"The classes made me feel so spectacular in my body.  I was noticing they also gave me deeper meditations, and when I did my metaphysical prayer sessions, I felt much more power and convictions behind my words.  So I’ve started doing at least the Magic 4 [pose sequence] every day now.  Feeling so much better just from the Magic 4!" ~ Denise R.

"You can not imagine how much this is helping . I come in with knots, tweaks and twinges and a couple hours after the session they are gone." ~ Wendy S.