Relax and release into bliss.  Relieve deeply held tension and chronic stress.

You'll be fully supported as you are taken into and through a series of simple, supported yoga poses intended to release deeply held tension. Special adjustments are applied in each pose to enhance the effects and provide greater healing through subtle opening. The body is simply allowed to open, gently and compassionately.

Experience immediate benefits from yoga therapy.

* Deep relaxation
* Lessening of stress and anxiety
* Relief from pain and stiffness
* Increased flexibility
* Improved posture
* A sense of inner peace and tranquility
* Better sleep
* Elevated mood
* A sense of feeling more grounded
* More connection to your body

Enjoy true transformation over time.

* Sustained relief and easier management of chronic pain and stiffness
* Remarkable structural realignment
* Greater mobility, flexibility and strength
* Relief from chronic depression and anxiety
* Less reactivity to life's stressors
* Greater mental clarity and peace of mind
* More compassion towards self and others
* Increased vitality and physical stamina
* Quicker recovery from illness, injury and surgery

Find more ease in your body and deep within yourself.

Lasting relief from chronic symptoms is within reach with yoga therapy. You can rely on the unique dynamics of core opening, an experience that provides a profound release of the most deeply held tension in your body, beginning at the tailbone and progressing up your spine. As this release is reinforced over time, the whole body begins to realign itself, leading to remarkable physical changes. On the inside, the mind becomes quiet, calm and centered. There is an expanded sense of Self. Some say it feels like "coming home."

Take comfort in therapy designed to meet you where you are.

Each therapy session is crafted to meet your individual needs, and will evolve as your body continues to change. To help you maintain the deep openings the therapy provides, you'll be instructed in a simple yoga practice that you can do daily on your own. Through this powerful combination, you'll experience deep healing and transformation on all levels -- physically, physiologically, emotionally and spiritually.
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Jody Grombach, RYT