Drop-in:                  $24

          6-class pass:          $21 / class   $126       
          expires 8 weeks from purchase date

          12-class pass:        $19 / class   $228 
          expires 14 weeks from purchase date      

          Payment accepted in person via cash or               check, or online via PayPal. 

Ananda Bhav Yoga
Registration Form
and Waiver

Please arrange to have a 20-minute introductory phone consultation.  This is offered at no charge. 
We'll talk about what you're looking for in a yoga practice, and I'll explain more about this particular
type of practice, and how I might best be able to serve you.   

Contact me and we'll arrange a time to talk.
​Call 770-633-1074 or email

Some things to consider regarding classes .......

●  Each class begins with time spent resting in shavasana ~ a supported relaxation pose ~ where you'll find ease and begin to settle into your body.  You'll be guided through an experience of body and breath awareness that will allow you to slip into yoga nidra ~ a deeper state of consciousness that is both meditative and grounding. Classes begin promptly at the times listed on the schedule, so, plan to arrive 10 minutes early to get yourself set up and settled in.  Plan to stay for the full duration of class, so that you can experience the full spectrum of asanas as well as integration.

●  Weekly attendance is highly recommended and encouraged! The 12-class pass essentially allows you one class per week, at the lowest rate per class.  When space is availble, you may attend more than once a week.  If you run out of classes before the end of the series, you may add on to your pass at the same per-class rate. 

●  Packages are meant to be used during the allotted time frame; they do not roll over.  There are always some exceptions, as illness or emergencies do happen.  Also note that in the even that I am traveling, all passes will be extended to allow for that missed time.  The class passes reflect where the rate breaks.  Determine what works best for your schedule and purchase any number of classes based on  these rates.  See the Class Fees section above for details about expiration dates on passes.


 Classes are 1 hr 45 mins

  Tuesday          10:30 am

  Wednesday      7:00pm

  Thursday         2:30 pm  

  Friday             10:30 am   

Space is limited to 7 students.

Attendance requires a reservation.
Please inquire for availability.