Discover this unique and gentle practice and explore the
healing and transformative power of yoga. 
No prior yoga experience is required. 

New Student Orientation
2-hour introductory practice
offered periodically as class space opens up

Send an email to inquire:

Jody Grombach, RYT
teacher / yoga therapist

therapeutic yoga 
for healing and transformation

relax  *  release  *  rejuvenate

​Come explore an integrative practice that takes a radically different approach from most other styles of modern hatha yoga, providing a deeply transformative experience.  Props such as blankets, blocks and chairs are used to meet the body where tension lies, and provide support that allows for deep spinal release. 

The props help the body find it’s truest alignment, from the inside out, without force or strain. Each class or private session integrates all directions and all levels of movement in gentle motion while lying down, seated, and standing. This improves your balance and creates ease in your body as you alleviate accumulated physical tension.  Practicing yoga in this way is not exercise, but a scientific maximization of the body's natural capacities. 

The ease of a supported yoga practice allows for deep release of tension 
in the body and mind.

As poses are held longer, attention is drawn inward, creating a deeply meditative experience. Students are invited to simply surrender, allowing each pose to have an effect. This is contemplative practice. In this way, yoga is offering you a sweet un-doing, without effort to perfect or perform the pose.